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The TDB006 Slot tester is the best on the market.

The TDB006 will test the PROGRAMMING SLOTS on all vehicles.

Hyundai, Kia, Volvo, BMW, Nissan etc. 
Simply insert the wand into the slot where the proximity key goes. Then activate the push button start to send signal. If the vehicle sends a signal the TDB006 will light up green and make an audilble sound so you know that the slot is working properly. This is a very important test. During programming many protocols require that you erase all working keys. But if the PROGRAMMING SLOT is not working you can not add the customers original key or any other keys back into the system!


The TDB006 Prox Slot Antenna Tester can also check ALL other antennas.

Simply hold the end of the wand to the Push Button Start, Ignition Key cylinder, outside handle, Trunk Prox button, CUP HOLDERS and CONSOLE areas,  etc and activate the system to see if the vehicle is sending a signal.


Click here for operating manual

TDB006 Slot Antenna Tester

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